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Ultimate Get Paid to Travel Course Offer

Transform your life and learn how to monetize your travels!

Lessons Include:

  • How to find properties
  • How to determine your worth and price your packages/ deliverables
  • Access to templates
  • How to find the right contacts
  • Social data and so much more!


Q: Can I travel with my (dog, friends, family, etc...) 

A: YES. During the course, Amanda walks you through how to find your own travel niche.

Q: How much money can I make?

A: Amanda's beginner students on average tend to make between $700-$800 per night. This also is determined by how frequently you plan on traveling. 

Q: What will my schedule look like?

A: Whatever you want- that's the beauty of it! Amanda has some students who travel once per quarter, once per month and some once a week. You get to decide what is right for you with the tools presented in the course! 


Join thousands of others and learn how to monetize your travels with this ultimate course!

What People Are Saying:

I got my first travel collaboration two weeks after taking the course! I am excited to continue landing travel collaborations all because of her help. I am a single mother, and with the help of Amanda's course, I get to show my son more than I ever thought possible. Trust me- it is WORTH IT!

There is so much relevant information in the course. I love the “how to find properties hacks“ and that she makes it so easy to lay out the pitch! With Amanda's help I was able to negotiate a PAID stay from a free night, get some amazing content, and now I’m working on my second paid property. 100% recommend!